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MAPS Provides Invaluable Resources for Nurses looking to get a role in Medical Affairs!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

One of the goals of RN2Pharma is to compile as many helpful resources as possible to support nurses looking for a role in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) an excellent resources. MAPS is the premier non-profit global Medical Affairs organization For Medical Affairs professionals BY Medical Affairs professionals across all different levels of experience/specialty. Together with over 9,500 Medical Affairs members from 280+ companies globally, MAPS is transforming the Medical Affairs profession to increase its value to patients, HCPs, industry and society.

Check out MAPS resources here:

How can Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) help?


• Content Hub e-learning:

An Introduction to Medical Affairs e-Learning Module

Mentorship – formal mentorship program for those with prior industry experience:

Networking – conferences, chapter meet-ups, connect with chapter leads

• Join us on Twitter: @MAPSmedaffairs

Throughout my career I have relied on MAPS to provide strategic insights and opportunities to connect with others in medical affairs to share best practices! I hope you take advantage of some of their numerous offerings!

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