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This 50+ page guide has all the information you need to find the right role in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry! It is packed with helpful information to get you started and on the road to successfully nailing your first job in this fantastic industry. Get ready to make the transition into your dream job today!

RN2Pharma Career Guide

  • Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: From RN to Pharma: My Story

    Chapter 2: What jobs are available for nurses in Pharmaceutical Industry?

    • Clinical research associate
    • Patient care navigator
    • Clinical/Nurse educator
    • Patient advocacy
    • Sales
    • Medical Science Liaison
    • Drug Safety Specialist
    • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
    • Medical Writer

    Chapter 3: Why make a move to the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    Chapter 4: How to land your first role

    Chapter 5: Resources

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