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Boost Your Career Potential!

Getting your first job in the pharmaceutical industry can be a process. Patience and persistence are definitely required!

I recently spoke to team members at the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs and was excited to find that they have the same mission as RN2Pharma! It was great to learn more about their certification called Certified Nurse Medical Affairs Professional program. This online self paced program enables nurses to learn more about different departments and roles in the pharma industry as well as the basics of the drug development process.

If you are interested in a role in medical affairs,, a certification can be a great way to get you started and set you apart from the competition.

Certification teaches you about different aspects of medical affairs and signals to employers that you are a serious candidate. When I am interviewing candidates, all else equal, I would favor hiring a candidate who is certified as I can be assured they have a level of knowledge and commitment!

To learn more, check out ACMA's Certified Nurse Medical Affairs Professional

I will be sharing more tips in upcoming blogs. To ensure you get future posts, be sure to "Become a Member" at Membership is FREE!

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I'm an RN with oncology experience and interested in considering the move to Pharma. Can you add some guidance on the pros and cons of going through with a Medical Affairs certified program? Does it help as a first time applicant or is it not worth it?

Replying to

Thanks for your question! I think a medical affairs certification program is a great idea. It can ground you in the fundamentals of medical affairs and show your potential employer that you are really motivated to get that first job. It is an investment of time and money but definitely a differentiator from others that haven't taken that extra step!

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