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Supporting Nurses making the career transition from RN2Pharma

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

This website was designed to be the ultimate resource for nurses who want to transition into the Pharmaceutical Industry. Finding your way is not easy! There are so many potential roles and career paths to consider. Trying to figure out what role is right for you, how to best apply, and land a job can be a challenging process!

In the RN2Pharma Career Guide, I walk through information and resources I have compiled over the last 25 years working in this industry. If you still have questions or need some guidance after reading the Career Guide, book some time with me so I can help you navigate your options!


And, if you too are a nurse that is now thriving in the Pharmaceutical Industry, help me give our colleagues looking to land a job in our industry some help!

Tell us your story - How did you go from RN2Pharma?

What did you do to successfully land your first job? In the audio clips, Maggie, Kelsey and Nathan all highlight the importance of networking. If there are MSLs or sales representatives in your hospital or clinical setting, engage with them to learn about their role, their company, and if there are any job openings.

What advice do you have for nurses trying to get their first job in the Pharmaceutical Industry? Kelsey reminds nurses looking for their first role in pharma to be patient! It can take some time to get that first job so embrace the process and stick with it!

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